May 7, 2024

Discover the future of battery technologies and electric and hybrid vehicles at the Battery Show Europe 2024, the largest European expo in the field, happening from June 18-20 in Stuttgart. Join us at booth 10-B64, where we will showcase innovations and solutions in battery cooling technology HEATRAPLATES.

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The Battery Show Europe | 18-20 June, 2024


June 9, 2023

We are delighted to invite you to the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo in Amsterdam, from 20th to 22nd June 2023, at stand 1336. Get to know our cooling solutions for the battery pack, from development, 3D-modelling, numerical simulations, prototyping and testing to serial production.

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May 3, 2023

We look forward to your visit at this year's Battery Show Europe, which will take place between May 23 and 25 in Stuttgart. Please join us in Booth #10-B81. 
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We will present the latest achievements of our brand HEATRAPLATES and a range of solutions for battery cell housing.

We are looking forward to seeing you.



June 27, 2022

At The Battery Show Europe 2022, which will be held from 28 June to 30 June 2022 in Messe Stuttgart you will able to see some of our latest achievements and products HEATRAPLATES brand.

We are looking forward to meet you at The Battery Show Europe 2022 (Hall 10, Stand Number 10-H37).



November 12, 2021

The Battery Show Europe 2021, which will be held from 30 November to 2 December 2021 in Stuttgart will be special because you will be able to see some of our latest achievements and products, as well.

We are looking forward to meet you at The Battery Show Europe 2021 (Hall 6, Stand Number 6-446). For free ticket, register HERE.



11 May 2021

A wide range of our heat exchangers, on the marked presented under HEATRAPLATES brand, will be presented at the virtual event Digital Days from 18 to 20 May 2021.

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We are looking forward to your virtual visit.

Your HeatraPlates team


October 4, 2020

Dear business partners,

due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will unfortunately not meet at the BATTERY SHOW EUROPE fair in Stuttgart this year. The organiser informed us that the fair has been postponed to May 2021.

You can view our products and achievements under the HEATRAPLATES brand on our website. We kindly invite you to contact us for more detailed information and we will be happy to assist you and answer your questions.

NEW ACHIEVEMENT - implementation of channel systems with an increased internal height of 3.0 mm.


September 14, 2020

The Battery Show Europe 2020, which will be held from 14 to 16 October 2020 in Stuttgart will be special, not only because we will have to follow all safety measures concerning covid-19, but because you will be able to see some of our latest achievements and products, as well. We will present our wide range of aluminium heat exchangers that are today manufactured by the roll-bond technology as well as new designs of the channel systems with increased internal channel height up to 3.0 mm.
This achievement enables us to develop, manufacture and deliver cold plates, which will satisfy the toughest challenges of our partners.

We are looking forward to meeting you from 14 to 16 October 2020 at booth No 1-766.


April 23, 2019

We are looking forward to meet you at The Battery Show Europe 2019 (booth no. 766). Register for a free trade fair pass.

We will present our new brand HEATRAPLATES - a wide range of our aluminium heat exchangers today manufactured with the roll-bond technology.

WE PRESENT HEATRAPLATES - "We take the heat off"

April 8, 2019

A wide range of our aluminium heat exchangers today manufactured with the roll-bond technology, will now be recognized under the new brand HEATRAPLATES which we have registered recently.

When creating a new brand, we wanted to create an internationally recognisable name that in itself combines the functionality of the two-way heat transfer (in/out) the flatness the thinness and that is not limited to the material used to the manufacturing process or fluid used for heat transmission through channels of the panels. The thickness of Talum flat heat exchangers together with the channels is between 3.5 and cca 5 mm. This gives very little room for installation. The manufacturing process - roll-bond technology enables excellent distribution of channels for heat transfer fluid , which means high heat transfer efficiency. The aluminium, from which the exchangers are made, enables 3Dforming and at the same time adds very little weight to the end product, into which the exchanger is installed. Transfer fluid can be refrigeration gases or water/glycol.

The usefulness of our HEATRAPLATES products has been recognised in recent years in many areas:

  • commercial refrigerators,
  • laboratory cooling equipment,
  • as absorbers in solar collectors or
  • PVT-photovoltaic thermal panels,
  • as thermodynamic evaporation panels for heating heat pumps,
  • as condensers in sanitary heat pumps,
  • and in area which is the hottest topic today - the cooling of batteries and other electronic components in the EV/HEV automotive industry

We will present the new HEATRAPLATES brand on the upcoming fair The Battery Show Europe taking place May 7-9 in Stuttgart. We are looking forward to meet you at our booth no. 766.

The best performance of heat pump water heaters is obtained by the Roll-Bond heat exchanger

24. December 2018

At the beginning of this year Dr. Paul Byrne uploaded a study on Research Gate which compared Roll-Bond condenser for propane heat pump water heaters (HPWH) with two other types of condensers. The same study was published in International Journal of Refrigeration in 2017.

The authors of the study wrote that Roll-Bond heat exchangers, which are widely used in household refrigeration applications as evaporators, have the advantage of offering a greater heat exchange surface and a low internal volume. They help reduce the risk of deterioration of the tubes in contact with food and during manual defrosting. In the case of the HPWH, a Roll-Bond used as a condenser with a flat surface on one side offers a better thermal contact with the tank.

Roll-Bond heat exchanger, Source: Talum Izparilniki d.o.o.

The compactness is a geometric criterion defined as the exchange surface to internal volume ratio. As shown in the table below the roll-bond heat exchanger has the highest compactness.

According to the research, the charge calculated in the circuit is 145g for Roll-Bond. The maximum refrigerant charge authorized in refrigeration systems for household use is 150g. With these assumptions, the objective of a heat pump water heater with less than 0.15 kg of propane is achievable only by Roll-Bond. In comparison, the minimum surface area for a system implemented with a charge of 150 g is 36 m2.

The authors of the study found out that the best performance compared to other technologies is obtained by Roll-Bond heat exchanger.

Their conclusion was that Roll-Bond heat exchanger offers a good compromise between high local heat transfer coefficients, good thermal contact with the water tank and low liquid line. With a charge of 150 g, the HPWH has a COP of 2.76 and a heating time around 9 hours.

Source: Summarized from, published in April 2017

Follow the link to get the entire article in pdf

Others about us: Dedicated to Energy Efficiency

25. september 2018

»For more than 30 years, Talum Izparilniki d.o.o. has been manufacturing evaporators by Roll-Bond technology for the most efficient refrigerators and freezers of energy classes A++, A+++, and heat exchangers for solar, heating and refrigeration systems.

With aluminium Roll-Bond heat exchangers, they are also entering on the market of heating technique and solar systems. Their products are used as heat exchangers for the installation into hybrid photovoltaic modules, as absorbers for vacuum and flat solar receivers of sun energy, and as condensers of heat pumps. Their aluminium flat heat exchangers are a result of own development and innovative use of Roll-Bond technology.

Thereby they are significantly improving the efficiency and compactness of hybrid photovoltaic modules, which combine photovoltaic cells and classic solar panels. Hybrid photovoltaic modules enable simultaneous production of electricity and thermal energy, whereby their heat exchangers enable beneficial thermal discharge and simultaneously improve efficiency of solar cells. Their technology enables increased production of electricity by 5-15 % on an annual level.

Talum Izparilniki d.o.o. are development suppliers for some of the largest manufacturers of refrigerators and freezers, such as BSH, Liebherr and Gorenje, and for partners in non-refrigeration industry, such as Auer, Energy, Ensol and Viessmann. They put emphasis on building long-term partnerships with clients, ensuring them a quick response, tailor-made solutions and achieving high standards of input materials as well as the characteristic of the final product.«


Link to the entire article in pdf: here or on:

Others about us: Emilie on the Roof

19. september 2018

Four years ago we entered together with the Jožef Stefan Institute into a development project, the result of which is a functioning system, which heats and cools building C at the Jožef Stefan Institute. Below are short news of this joint development project, which were published in the newspaper Delo.

»The pilot project infraSUN on the roof of one of the buildings at the Jožef Stefan Institute tests the possibility for an efficient solar heating and cooling.

We could say that the names, associated with the latest technological project at the Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, which occupied this year one of its roofs, are misleading. Emilie is not a French sounding name but an abbreviation of an international project, and the name infraSUN has nothing to do with an infra oven but with an infrastructure.

Emilie means the strengthening of Mediterranean initiatives, which encourages small and medium sized companies to use solar energy - and such is the title of the EU project, which would create ideas at the innovative use of solar energy and would show the maturity of current technologies for the use of this energy. One of the promising results is the result of research, engineering and innovative work of Slovenian participants in the project, specifically with the Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, which constructed in collaboration with the Slovenian company Talum the system infraSUN, intended for heating and cooling of the building with the energy of sun. Infra, in its name, refers to sun as an infrastructure.

Among innovative products are solar panels, which are already included in the programme of one of the leading European manufacturers of heating techniques (Viessmann), and the Slovenian company Talum is participating in their development and manufacture. …«

Source:, published on 30 October 2014

Link to the entire article in pdf: here or on:

Our knowledge is embedded in modern solar collectors in the framework of the pilot project InfraSUN

13. september 2018

Heat exchangers from the company Talum Izparilniki are built into modern vacuum solar collectors (SC), the first ones of such kind in Slovenia. As a participating development partner and supplier of roll-bond absorbers for vacuum tube solar collectors, we joined the pilot project InfraSUN, the holder of which is the Institute “Jožef Stefan” (IJS) from Ljubljana.

The InfraSUN project is included in the international project EMILIE, which aims to stimulate the innovative use of solar energy. It is based on the introduction of solar heating and cooling and the display of models for their introduction in terms of "the sun as an infrastructure". The solar collector field, built on the roof of the IJS, is the result of a research, engineering and innovative work by both partners and is actually a living laboratory that incorporates modern technologies using solar energy.

The thermal system of solar collectors, consisting of 648 vacuum tubes made by the company Talum Izparilniki, occupies 200 square meters of the flat roof of the building C at the Institute “Jožef Stefan” and is intended for heating and cooling the building with solar energy. In order to improve overall energy efficiency, a heat recovery system is added to the system. The advantages of solar cooling are in the correlation between energy supply and cooling needs. When the sun source is the strongest, the need for cooling is the highest.

The technology of solar heating and cooling could play a more important role in the future, especially in district heating systems, because it offers high efficiency, but it is also compatible with most conventional heating methods. This technology also has great potential in reducing exposure and sensitivity to energy price fluctuations, as most of the costs arise in the initial investment phase, while operating costs are minimal.

More about the project:


Sources: Talum Izparilniki d.o.o., IJS

We received a patent for the Slovenian market for the "no-frost" heat exchanger, which is installed in "no-frost" refrigeration and freezing appliances

24th of August 2018

At the end of May this year, we received a patent for the "no-frost" heat exchanger, awarded for the Slovenian market and we also submitted the international application Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

Market trends in the field of refrigeration and freezing appliances have been shifting from classical passive appliances to so-called "no-frost" versions in the last two decades, where the very name suggests that their main advantage is in preventing the accumulation of ice on foods and internal walls of appliances. Since in the company Talum Izparilniki / Talum Evaporators evaporation panels are produced only for passive appliances, there was a need to develop a "no-frost" evaporator for "no-frost” refrigeration and freezing devices with intense circulation of cold air, the so-called dynamic cooling.

In 2015, the management of Talum Izparilniki / Talum Evaporators gave an incentive to re-develop the evaporator for dynamic cooling based on the roll-bond technology.

In the development of the concept, we had to pursue several goals: high thermal efficiency, low pressure drop, effective defrosting, certain dimensions and competitive price in comparison with fin-and-tube evaporators. The latter are designed in such a way that they have a large area of heat transfer to the air that leaks around outer surfaces, and the manufacture is simple enough to achieve a low own price. Therefore, in the field of refrigeration and freezing appliances with dynamic cooling, this is still the only technology that the manufacturers of appliances are installing in the "no-frost" version.

In cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana and our partners, we performed comparative measurements and found that the technical characteristics of the prototypes were already very close to the desired characteristics, although this was only the pre-development stage of the project. Since our solutions on the market are a novelty, we have applied for a patent, which was awarded to us.

In line with the new energy classification, which will come into force in 2019, it is expected that manufacturers of refrigeration and freezers will once again strive to increase efficiency, which is a new market opportunity for us.


Thank you to the battery show visitors

18th of May 2018

The Battery Show and The Conference closed their doors. We, at Talum Izparilniki are very satisfied with our presentation at the Show, as a lot of new contacts were gathered and we are ready to start new projets with our existing and new partners. We thank to all who visited us and showed interest in our products and our innovative solutions. Our Roll- Bond heat transfer plate caught big attention of many many visitors.


Roll-bond Evaporators Outperform Tube-and-Plate Evaporators

6th April 2018

We present a summary of the conference speech of Mr. Primož Poredoš, Ph.D., that he had at the 21st International Conference on District Energy, organised in Portorož, Slovenia, from 18th – 20th March, by the Slovenian Energy Association SEA (formerly known as SDDE).

»The paper presents the experimental comparison of the thermal characteristics of the Plate-Tube (CP) and roll-bond (RB) evaporators. The comparison of their thermal characteristics was based on the measurement of the discharged heat flux from each type of evaporator.

A comparison of the results shows that in the entire temperature range of the transmission medium in the evaporator, the RB evaporator is more efficient than the CP evaporator. The difference is reduced by lowering the inlet temperature of the transmission medium, which can be attributed to the occurrence of white frost on the evaporator inside the refrigerating appliance.

It has been found that RB evaporator has a 15 to 70% higher cooling power compared to the CP evaporator at the temperature range under consideration. On average, in the RB evaporator the product of heat transfer and surface area, named kA is 47.3% higher than in the case of the CP evaporator. The higher cooling power of the RB evaporator is the result of its improved heat transfer between the transfer medium in the evaporator and the air in the refrigerator.

The dynamic performance of both types of evaporators (forced increase in the air velocity near the evaporator using a fan) has a positive effect. At both types of evaporators, the cooling power is increased by an average of 30% (in the case of RB evaporators up to 27%, in the case of CP up to 35%). Interestingly, in RB evaporators in static mode (without the use of a fan), slightly better results were achieved compared to CP evaporators in dynamic mode.«

You can read the full article on the website: SEA / SZE


Invitation to The Battery Show in Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe

20th March 2018

We are pleased to invite all our valuable partners to the The Battery Show 2018, co-located with Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, which is Europe’s largest trade fair for advanced battery and H/EV technology.

Taking place from 15 - 17 May 2018, in Hannover, Germany, it will host more than 300 manufacturers and service providers from across the supply chain, who will display thousands of design, production and manufacturing solutions, including battery systems, materials, components, testing and recycling, for industries including automotive, utilities, renewable energy, grid, power tools and electronics. Find out more here.

At the booth B470, we will present our efficient cooling solutions for EV battery packs with a roll-bond heat transfer plate. We will be pleased to explain you all the details.

For free pass to the exhibition and for the organization of the meeting with us at our stand, please contact us at:

Running parallel to the exhibition, the three-track conference delves into the most prominent industry talking points – from the next frontier in vehicle electrification to optimising battery efficiency and performance through energy recovery and electric turbocharging.

We very much look forward to seeing you this May in Hannover!


The TALUM Group at the eMove 360° fair

October 17, 2017

From October 17 to 19, the TALUM Group presented itself at the eMove 360° fair in Munich, as a part of the joint presentation of seven Slovenian companies at this event under the auspices of the public agency SPIRIT Public Agency. The fair is dedicated to Mobility 4.0, which sees the future of transport technology in electrically powered vehicles. In 2016, 356 exhibitors from 28 countries presented themselves at the fair, which was visited by more than 12,000 visitors.
The TALUM Group was represented by the business unit TALUM Izparilniki d.o.o. (TALUM BU Evaporators) with roll-bond technology solutions for the cooling of electric vehicle batteries and the business unit TALUM d.d. PE Ulitki (TALUM BU Castings).

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